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Our house and property
Here are some pictures of our place.  Follow us on the journey of watching
our house change to what we knew it could be.
With the help of my folks Ivan and Vicki McPherson in April of 2008 we
bought this old farm house that was a H.U.D. repo house.  We started the
remodel process and then on May 28th 2008 the house that we had been
living in was hit by a tornado and we ended up moving into this house
much sooner then we had planned.
I am putting up pictures of the house when we bought it and then will
follow with what it looks like as we finish our remodeling of each and
every room and building on the property.
Watch the changes both in remodeling and the seasons and holiday's as
Thanks Mom and Dad for all the help that you have given us to make my dream home
come alive.
Front of house when we bought it in 2008.
Spring 2011
Spring 2012
May 2013
Spring 2014
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