The Belgian Shepherd is a wonderful breed and we try to place out puppies/adults, into homes
that they will be with for the rest of their lives.  We want to make sure your new canine family
member lives up to all of your expectations.  Like people, each puppy/adult is an individual.  
This questionnaire will help us select the most suitable puppy/adult for you while allowing you
to clarify your thoughts about dog ownership.  It also lets you see what things are important to
us in placing our puppies/adult's into their new homes.
M.A.J.I.C. Belgian Tervuren & Groenendael Questionnaire
Which Breed are you interested in?
Belgian Tervuren
Belgian Sheepdog (Groenendael)
Your Name:
Contact Information
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Cell Phone:
How did you hear about us:
How did you become interested in the breed you selected above?
Have you seen ever seen a Belgian Shepherd?
Do you know someone who owns one?
Have you ever owned a Belgian?
Do you currently own a Belgian?
If you own or have owned one of the breeds listed above, please let us know from whom you obtained
your dog
Have you read any books about the breed?
Please tell us what books you have read about puppy training, obedience training, and dog behavior, etc.
Recommended Reading:
Belgians from Start to Finish by Sallyann Comstock
The Complete Belgian Tervuren by the American Kennel Club
The Complete Belgian Sheepdog by the American Kennel Club
The Positive Approach to Raising a Happy, Healthy, and Well-Behaved Dog by Ian Dunbar
No Bad Dogs The Woodhouse Way by Barbara Woodhouse
The Body Language and Emotions of the Dogs by Myrna M Milani, D.V.M.
How To Be Your Dog's Best Friend by the Monks of New Skete
What are your expectations for your puppy/adult dog?
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to save multiple
Do you have a preference for a male or female puppy/adult?
Would you take a puppy/adult of the opposite sex should your first choice not be available?
Would you be interested in an older puppy or adult?
Tell us a little about the makeup of your household.
Do you own your home or are you renting?
Do you live with in your cities limits or in a rural area?
Do you know your areas limits for number and size of pets allowed there?
Do you have a fenced yard?
Do you or your neighbors have livestock?
Please describe those pets that are currently with you.
Please describe the pets that are no longer with you.
Would you call your family more?
In what activities would you include your dog?
Who in your family will be primarily responsible for the daily care of the puppy/adult?
Are you prepared for the responsibility of caring for the dog for the rest of its life? (10-14 yrs.)
Are you ready to live with some dog hair?
Will you agree to groom (or have) your pet groomed regularly?
Will your puppy/adult live inside the home or outside in the yard?
In what rooms of your home will your puppy/adult be permitted?
Do you have any ideas about how you will keep your dog out of or in the restricted parts of your home
if necessary?
Have your thought about housebreaking a puppy/adult and how you would handle it?
What about potty needs?
Have you ever used a crate in house training a puppy/adult dog?
Do you intend to use a crate for house training this puppy/adult dog?
Where will your puppy/adult sleep at night?
Do you have a secure place for your puppy/adult dog while you are away from home?
How do you envision a puppy/adult Dog fitting into your home?
How many hours each day during the "work week" will your puppy/adult be left alone?
Have you ever returned a puppy/adult dog to it's breeder?
Has a breeder ever taken a puppy/adult dog away from you?
Do you have a veterinarian that your family is currently using or has used in the past?
Do you belong to any dog organizations or dog sport clubs?
If travel plans take you away from home, what arrangements would you make for your puppy/adult dog?
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Training and proper socialization are important to a puppy/adult's development into a secure and happy
companion.  Can you devote the time needed during the critical first few months to teach manner and
expose your puppy/adult to many new experiences?
Do you have any ideas about where you would go for obedience training or socialization or other
training classes?
I highly recommend enrolling your puppy in a "Kindergarten" or "Super Puppy" class at the earliest
opportunity (only after the second set of vaccinations and as soon as the trainer will allow).  For an adult
dog I highly recommend at least 2 eight week obedience class or other type of training classes.  Find a
trainer that uses POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT ONLY (or even "clicker" training class).  Continue
training classes through "Pet Manner" and if possible two "beginners" levels.  It is not necessary to be
training "Competitively" but it is important to learn basic "Manners" and is great socialization to people,
places and other dogs or animals.
Have you been to any type of dog training classes?
Would you please give me two references that I may contact?
Do you agree to contact me if your puppy/adult has any behavioral problems?
Do you agree to contact me if you have any problems at all with your puppy/adult dog?
Do you agree to keep me informed of how your puppy/adult dog is doing from time to time through out it's
life time?
Pictures from time to time would be wonderful as well.
Please describe any physical or character attributes which are of importance to you in the puppy/adult
dog you are seeking at this time.
May I or my representative visit your home?
What questions do you have for me?
What do you expect of your puppy/adult dog's breeder?
If you would like a reference from me as a breeder of Belgian Tervuren & Groenendael (Sheepdog) please
feel free to ask.
Thank you for taking the time to answer these important questions.  Purchasing a puppy/adult dog is a
commitment for the life time of the dog.  Your happiness and the health, safety and well being of your new
puppy/adult dog should not be left to chance.  We make every possible effort to see that our puppies/adults
are placed in appropriate homes according to the needs of both the homes and the individual dogs.
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