We are Melody and Leon P Jensen.  We met while in high school and got married in June

We got our first dog on our way home from our honeymoon.  I had Leon stop by the
animal shelter and we adopted a fox hound/collie cross.  We called him Whisk.  That was
the first of many animals to come through our home.  

We first saw the Belgian Tervuren at an agility trial that I was judging at.  I had Leon go
and find out what breed it was as I was judging for NCDA (now UKC) agility and they did
allow mixed breeds.  Once we found out what type of dog it was we started looking into
the breed more and doing some studying and trying to learn as much as we could about
it.  We attended an all breed show and met Linda Robey (Sunset Belgians) and visited
with her and her dogs in her motor home.  She put us in touch with Kathleen Matela
(Gallery Belgians)and that is were we finally acquired our first Belgian Tervuren (UAG
II,Ch. Gallery's Bellamy Tayma's Majic, CD, Asca CD, Can Cd ,OA, OAJ, NAP, NJP,
CGC, CLR-2, NAJ, TDI, HIC).  In September of 1994.  She is the one that started it all
for us.

We got addicted to everything that a versatile breed could do.  We have tried about
everything there is with our dogs.  We have done Conformation, Obedience, Agility, Fly
ball, Herding, Protection, Search and Rescue, Therapy and others that I can not think of
at this time.  We really enjoy having dogs that are first and for most our companions but
also enjoy the things that we can do with them.

We had our first litter of Tervuren in November 1997.  

We acquired our first Belgian Sheepdog (Groenendael) from Marcy Spalding (Mawrmyth
Belgians) in August 2005.  She also was a joy and brought along a lot of fun times for us.  

We had our first groenendael litter in November 2007.

We have been fortunate to have people such as Kathleen Matela (Gallery Belgians), Bill
and Gayle Cooper (Bilgay Belgians), Vicki Havicon (
Stonewall Belgians), Charlotte
Frazier (
Belle Bete Belgians), Vicki Kelley (Darboshea Belgians), Marcy Spalding
(Mawrmyth Belgians), Lynn South (
Phoenix Belgians), and Nicki and Ernest Jones
Sindarin Belgians) to trust us with their dogs.

We welcome you to view our pages of our dogs, present and past as well as those shown
and loved by others.  Our available puppies or adults are also listed.  Click on the pages
to view more information about them and more pictures.

Our home is always open and we welcome those who are wanting to visit with us and our
dogs and learn more about the Belgian breeds that we have grown to love so much.  

We bred striving for the perfect blend of health, structure, balance, temperament,
expression and elegance while maintaining intelligence and temperament and

We have produced multiple champions as well as working dogs.  We have several of our
Belgians that are working service dogs.

We stand behind the dogs that we produce and require that any Tervuren or Groenendael
that can not be kept are returned to us.  We place all of our Tervuren and Groenendael
with written contracts and health guarantee's.  All our companion Tervuren and
Groenendael are placed on spay/neuter contracts.

Occasionally we place older dogs who are retired champions or do not fit our breeding
program.  You can see those that we have looking for homes on our available page.

You can contact us on our Contact us page.

Thanks for looking at our website and please take your time and enjoy your self while
looking through the pages.  

Melody and Leon P. Jensen