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Here are some of the articles that we include in our puppy packets that go with our In
your packet you will receive the following things listed below.

A Puppy Manual CD of all kinds of different things or articles like those below that   
we find are helpful to our puppy owners.
Health Records
Micro Chip information
First 48 Hours
Other Stuff
The First Ribbon Collar that they worn when they were born
Picture CD of all the pictures that were taken from Birth to when you get your puppy
Chewys and Treats
Blanket that smells like mom and littermates
A couple of sample bags of Purina ProPlan Sport Performance All Lifestages Dog Food
This is so that they don't get an upset tummy while traveling home and transferring over to what you are going to feed
A couple of bottles of water.
This is also to help so that they don't get a upset tummy by drinking water they are not use to.
The stuff below will be on a CD that I call the "Puppy Manual".
Some things you will be given hard copies of as well and then there are things like their health cards and
microchip information that will be given to you separately.
This is divided out by how I use to put it in a Puppy Packet that I got from The Purina ProPlan Company.
Puppy Care
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Breed Specific
You will receive this as a hard copy as well.  You will have a 5 generation pedigree and information about
each of the parents of the litter.  If a older dog you will receive a page about all the health stuff or issues
that the litter/littermates or parents or sibling of the parents have had.  There will be information about all
the dogs in the pedigree that are known at the time you get your puppy
Health Stuff
Shot Record - The record of the shots your puppy received will be here.
Micro Chip Information   The microchip information of the chip that you puppy received will be here.
Parvo Information Self Help Guide
Contact Information
Copies Of Your Contract
Hard copy of your contract signed
Contact Information
Our contact information as well as our Veterinarians information
The Right Dog
After You Get Your Puppy From Ian Dunbar
Stocking Stuffers
Comparison Of Breeders
Health Records
Hard copies of all your puppies health records while they were with us.